$50 off

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We’ve just posted a discount code on OzBargains for $50 off tree removal. You can get $50 off your final invoice if you quote the code that is found at OzBargains. It is only valid for June and July 2018.

Celtis Tree

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The Celtis  tree is also known as Hackberry or Sugarberry has migrated from the Northern hemisphere and is appearing in garden beds around Sydney.

This tree produces thousands of seeds which are spread by birds and before you know it you have a large tree in your backyard which requires an arborist to remove. Keep watch of them growing in your garden beds because both the tree and their stumps are very difficult to remove.

Shown is a picture of a 30 m tall Celtis tree which was growing out of a garden bed in Lindfield. The tree was growing out and over the neighbours pool, I’m sure the neighbour was happy the tree was removed.

Celtis Tree

Celtis Tree

Stump Grinding / Stump Removal

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Stump Grinder in front yard
Stump Grinding

We recommend Sydney Tree Removals to provide you with your required tree services for anywhere in  the entire Sydney region. They only employ qualified experienced arborists, who have the skills, experience, and physical stamina to tackle any job. They don’t believe any job can be too big or too small – and they always offer friendly professional service to their clients.

Sydney Tree Removals not only offer stump grinding and stump removal, but many other tree services including palm and tree pruning, tree surgery (such as tree lopping & tree removal) and wood chipping. They can access trees in hard to reach locations using a cherry picker or boom lift, or by climbing the trees, and they are able to work in areas of limited access. Sydney Tree Removals enjoy their tree work: offering tree services at affordable prices across Sydney. Contact Sydney Tree Removals today for a no obligation free quote.